Export to OpenDocumentFormat(ODF)

Export to OpenDocumentFormat(ODF)

Export to OpenDocumentFormat(ODF)

  1. ODPHP http://opendocumentphp.sourceforge.net/index.html ...generate an OpenDocment output from a wiki article, and later (maybe) some functionality to add whole OpenDocuments to a wiki. 要不然就真的可以配合wiki 可惜還在開發中 遠水救不了近火

  2. PHPDocWriter http://phpdocwriter.sourceforge.net/ ...allows you to create documents in OpenOffice.org XML format... 輸出格式應該有錯?writer開啟時說要修復文件,修復後正常 中文輸出有問題

  3. Perl 支援的比較多 Some Perl extensions for OpenDocument file processing are available on CPAN packages, such as OpenOffice::OODoc, OpenOffice::OOCBuilder, OpenOffice::OOSheets, PBib::Document::OpenOffice, and others. These libraries allow Perl programs to retrieve, create, update or delete almost any piece of data (including text content, non-textual objects, and style definitions) in documents, and to create new documents from scratch. 但還沒有測試中文行不行

  4. Jazz推薦 http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/

  5. ODF Tools http://opendocumentfellowship.org/development/projects/odftools Planned components html2odt.xsl An XSLT that converts XHTML files into ODT. ods2html.xsl An XSLT that converts ODS files into HTML. odp2html.xsl An XSLT that converts ODP files into HTML. 還在開發中

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