Reindex thunderbird mail

Reindex thunderbird mail


幸好平常用 Thunderbird 管理,所以我可以直接找mail確認到底還在不在。(檔案已純文字模式儲存)

thunderbird 和 evolutio 都用 mbox 格是儲存郵件

About the mbox Format

If we use the mbox format to store emails, we put all of them in one file. This creates more or less long text file (Internet email always only exists as 7-bit ASCII text, everything else -- attachments, for example -- is encoded) containing one email message after the other.

所以在 .thunderbird/\$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox 是我放郵件的檔案,大概有 1.2G 真是嚇死人

grep -i "from * 2007" .thunderbird/\$profile/Mail/Local Folders/Inbox


解決方式就是刪掉 Inbox.msf

重新啟動 Thunderbird...


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