Howto auto post my work log

Howto auto post my work log

If you see post like:

> Thomas’s log - 2008-01-10.一月 10th, 2008 by Thomas Edit |1. Changeset [68]: update #18, add finish messagePosted in Blogroll | No Comments »

It's auto post by a easy script.

The idea is share and auto log every day what I did.

I have some projects which can provide RSS to me, like partclone.

I use Google Reader to subscript all my projects and give label work_rss.

The important is you should share work_rss and get a shared URL.

I wrote a script to access the shared work_rss link and parse some information which can post to my WordPress blog.

If you like, use crontab to run this script everyday.

Finally, I can know what I did, and push me do more things.

by the way, before you run the script, you should install libsoap-lite-perl

ii libsoap-lite-perl 0.69-1 Client and server side SOAP implementation

and download,

you must modify \$Grss_file, path of xmlrpc, account and password in

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