marc for java (marc4j) 釋出 2.4 版

marc for java (marc4j) 釋出 2.4 版


該專案的目標就是提供MARC檔的API,有點像是 perl usmarc module,主要是提供 java 的程式設計是使用。

  • An easy to use interface that can handle large record sets.
  • Readers and writers for both MARC and MARCXML.
  • A build-in pipeline model to pre- or post-process MARCXML using XSLT stylesheets.
  • A MARC record object model (like DOM for XML) for in-memory editing of MARC records.
  • Support for data conversions from MARC-8 ANSEL, ISO5426 or ISO6937 to UCS/Unicode and back.
  • A forgiving reader which can handle and recover from a number of structural or encoding errors in records.
  • Implementation independent XML support through JAXP and SAX2, a high performance XML interface.
  • Support for conversions between MARC and MARCXML.
  • Tight integration with the JAXP, DOM and SAX2 interfaces.
  • Easy to integrate with other XML interfaces like DOM, XOM, JDOM or DOM4J.
  • Command-line utilities for MARC and MARCXML conversions.
  • Javadoc documentation.

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