Monday 12 Mar 2012

Monday 12 Mar 2012

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Topic System Administration Title Making Your Customized Live GNU/Linux Distribution with Debian Live Build Nature Conference Abstract

The latest updated Debian Squeeze (6.0.4) was released in Jan, 2012. It contains about 35k software packages in the repository [1], and a total of eleven architectures [2] are supported. The most common architecture, i386, need 52 CDs, or 8 DVDs to put all the software packages. This is really a rich package resource for a developer to use. Therefore, with this resource and using Debian live build [3], it's very easy for a developer to create a specific GNU/Linux distribution. We, as the developers of Clonezilla [4], DRBL [5], and the maintainer of GParted live [6], create the Clonezilla live, DRBL live, and GParted live in this approach. These 3 special live GNU/Linux distributions are created especially for system imaging/cloning, diskless linux, and graphical partition editor, respectively.

In this talk, we will introduce Debian live build, why live distribution matters, cover the steps to create such a live distribution, and those things one might have to pay attention to, e.g. when a package is not included in the Debian repository, how to deal with. A live demonstration about creating such a live distribution will be given, too.

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--Cloudboot Cloudboot[1] is a service that allows a PC to boot from cloud resources. Users can boot computers into special system or utility via a wired internet connection. This project framework is based on the iPXE[2] and embedded customized scripts to access cloud resources from NCHC[3] or SourceForge mirrors. The embedded scripts convert the firmware image to bind network card and get files from a tftp or http server. Therefore except the files in the boot media, everything is from the server. Just follow the boot menu and you can easily access this cloud boot service, E.g. DRBL(Diskless Remote Boot in Linux)[4], Clonezilla[5], and GParted[6] Live systems. Cloudboot also supports memtest, freedos and several GNU/Linux network installations. Cloudboot has great and easy way to help people use net boot process. Booting from the media and network configuration, select distributions, iso/kernel and mirrors, wait some minutes and enjoy our special system and utilities.

In this presentation, I will deal with the basic information about cloudboot, advanced ipxe script tips and a live demo cloudboot service. After talk, people will learn how to use cloudboot and build their own cloudboot services.

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Language English Capture Yes License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 (CC-BY-SA) Constraints Speaker(s) Steven Shiau [] Ceasar Sun [] Jazz Wang [] Thomas Tsai [thomas at] Biography Steven Shiau is a researcher at the NCHC (National Center for High-performance Computing), Taiwan. While there he wrote parallel and distributed program to simulate plasma. This program formed the basic idea for the future development of the free software DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux), a rapid deployment software for distributed PC cluster and education environment. With Kuo-Lien Huang, Ceasar Sun, Jazz Wang and Thomas Tsai, he developed another free software "Clonezilla", an open source clone system. He is the project leader of the file system imaging tool “Partclone”, and the maintainer of GParted live. He has given more than 70 lessons about DRBL and Clonezilla in Taiwan from 2002, and 6 talks in Libre Software Meeting in France since 2006, one talk in LCA 2010, and one talk in Opensource Bridge 2011. The project DRBL won first place in 'Public Sector Applications' category at the Free Software Contest in France in 2007, and Clonezilla was chosen as the Project of the Month in Jan, 2010 on Sourceforge. He is the division leader of Software technology division at NCHC now, and spends most of his time in the development of DRBL, Clonezilla and promoting the use of free software and high-performance computing.

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