Thursday 12 Jul 2012

Thursday 12 Jul 2012

ETSF 200 people 15 projects

goal seamless exchange psedudopptential data take two:create a library License LGPL

developer schools (C, python, fourtnd)

VCS python libraries language binding file format debugging profileing building source code with autotools

package experimental package - ubuntu ppa

high performance computing and free software

Linux pc 愈來愈多, 多過unix...

beowful cluster install/mangment HPC cluster HPC cluster

parallel computing distributed computing supercomputing high performance computing


linpack benchmaek

cloud bigdata

beowulf first cluster with standard hardware and FOSS

to have faster, just add nodes

today's beowulf linux resource manager, monitor, parallel file system gcc, openmpi, ...

install, monitor, scheduler, auth, hateway, frontend, storage

kickstart, autoyast, fai partimag, systemimager, dd, netcat puppet,rsync.. dsh,pdsh

schedulers Torque/Maui, SLURM, OAR, son og grid engine

monitoring ganglia nagios

easy xCAT, rocks, OSCAR

parallel file system NFS glusterFS

PVFS2 Lustre


paralleisation gcc+openmp shared memory MPI distributed memory

performance measure gprof, kprof, valgrind

benchmark artificial : HPL STREAM application: cp2k, palabos, gear, lammps, namd, quantumESPRESSO

old convert log: ./12/tag%3E%20calendar%202012%2007)