tuxboot ppa log

notes about tuxboot ppa

  1. Download tuxboot source code: from SourceForge

  2. extract files from tuxboot.tar.gz

    tar -zxvf tuxboot-0.6.src.tar.gz

  3. install some packages

    sudo apt-get install sshfs git ctags devscripts vim screen vim build-essential qt4-dev-tools debhelper

  4. prepare gpg key and deb maintainer environment

    export DEBEMAIL="thomas at nchc.org.tw" export DEBFULLNAME="Thomas Tsai" .....

  5. update changelog

    cd tuxboot-0.6 dch -i dch -r debuild -k0x68CDF01D -S -sa

    the added new log like this:

    tuxboot (0.6ppa1~raring) raring; urgency=low * releasr 0.6 for ubuntu 13.04 -- thomas thomas@ubuntu Thu, 23 Jan 2014 18:07:18 -0800

  6. update dout.cf

    [thomas-ppa] fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net method = ftp incoming = ~thomas.tsai/ubuntu-tuxboot/ login = thomas.tsai

  7. upload

    dput thomas-ppa:thomas.tsai/ubuntu-tuxboot/ tuxboot_0.6ppa1~raring_source.changes

  8. done, login to launchpad and check the status