Created 週五 24 九月 2010

Ubuntu hardware Summit


Kernel compatibility testing and kernel code coverage

reference: lcov coverage ubuntu kernel compatibility testing - kteam-tools code coverage tool - ltp

Linux Development Cycle

bug kernel oops regressions - it worked before

Ubuntu roadmap for server-side systems

focu IAAS...

What does PulseAudio expect from a sounf driver

how to control volume with command ?

OEM QA - Steve Magoun

ghost >\< (recommand 11.5.1)

no ext4 btrfs... no grub2 use clonezilla instead?

clonezilla...\^\^ partition Partition recovery

software update... fit into existing factory process excellent support discuss linux support with vendors

Ubuntu ready test tool and ...

U certified and ready checkbox-gtk

old convert log: ./uhs2010/tag%3E%20zzarchive)