My linux and work logs


Thomas Tsai is a dedicated developer and Principal Engineer at the Free Software Lab at the National Center for High-Performance Computing in Taiwan. Within the lab, the primary focus is on developing free software that caters to the needs of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) field. Thomas's notable contributions include the creation of Partclone, a powerful tool that enables partition imaging under the GPL license. Together with Steven Hsiau, Ceasar Sun, and Jazz Wang, he has also played a crucial role in the development of other renowned free software projects, namely "DRBL" and "Clonezilla."
Thomas's accomplishments have been acknowledged and celebrated throughout his career. In November 2007, Our team was honored with the Public Sector Software Award at the International Free Software Contest in Soissons, France. Furthermore, in 2008, the Executive Yuan in Taiwan recognized our team's remarkable contributions to science and technology.
With a primary focus on middleware and free software research for high-performance computing (HPC), Thomas is a core developer of Partclone. This invaluable tool allows users to preserve entire file systems by creating images of partitions or cloning them to alternative disks. Thomas's recent research efforts have involved the integration of streaming data and AI frameworks. Additionally, he holds the responsibility of overseeing the development of DAS, a data analysis platform at NCHC.
Projects Thomas has actively participated in include:

Thomas's unwavering dedication to the development of free software and his commitment to enabling others to embrace the advantages of GNU/Linux ensure that he will continue to make significant contributions to the field.